furniture combination

How to make sure that the combination of its various elements look like a single unit, looked natural? These questions are all the more important that the furniture is not often a replaceable element of the interior.

Theoretically, we all know that furniture should make the house comfortable, nice and cozy. Convenience – it is providing good conditions for daily life and activities of all family members; beauty – the unity of the interior and the harmonious combination of all elements in size, proportions, shape, color, position relative to each other, comfort – a specialty home furnishings, making it warm, native, unique. But in practice to implement these provisions are not so simple.

Your home, and therefore, the furniture in it should reflect your lifestyle, level and direction of your interests, personal tastes and values of life.

You can certainly buy in a store any favorite furniture set or set (bedroom, kitchen, dining room, for the office, nursery, living room) and not to suffer while traveling to the shops in search of chairs to the table previously bought. Reshivshiesya such a step in the selection of furniture are guided only by their desires, taste and physical facilities, are taking into account the size of rooms (ceiling height, the length of the walls) and their purpose.

Undoubtedly, furniture sets are suitable for rooms with one purpose (for the bedroom of the spouses, bathroom, cabinet). Rooms that combine different areas of destination, comfortably furnished, selecting individual items or groups for each of the zones. It is not necessary that the style and decoration of furniture of different groups are the same or similar. In contrast, the difference between them can give the room interior vitality, expressiveness and originality.

The starting point in choosing the furniture and its placement can be a mood, which you would expect from a particular room. Suppose you want to have in your living room was bright and welcoming. Furniture made of light-colored wood or painted white, Gobelin upholstery in pastel tones of the tone color of the walls perfectly cope with this task. Help revive the living flowers, pictures and other accessories.

If the house has some striking architectural features (fireplace, stucco ceilings, wood paneling walls, lights – glass roof light to illuminate the room), it makes sense to stick with the same style and the furniture (or highlight those details, choosing furniture principle of contrast).

Rules of modern fashion in interior design is not as strict as before, so the irony, joke, an unexpected interpretation, personal style welcome and valued on a par with classical methods of decoration and canonized styles (Baroque, Gothic, Empire, etc.). Table, top of which is attached to the building the box, antique carved bed with an alcove next to the modern wardrobe for storing bedding – such bold ideas freshen the house, filling it with energy, will create a special mood.

Furniture has a number of artistic quality (style, decorative, etc.) plays an important role in the aesthetic perception of the interior, making it beautiful, but the foundation of all (choice of furniture, combining some of its subjects, placement) were and remain the practicality and functionality. Beauty Design chair in which to sit uncomfortably, loses all meaning. Such a thing is appropriate in a museum, art gallery exhibit grace, but in the home will bring only disappointment.

Comfortable furniture – foundation, without which it is impossible to build a truly comfortable and beautiful home. Beauty should not become an end in itself, otherwise it would be unnatural, showy. Can clutter the apartment spectacular, luxurious, elegant furniture, but the lack of amenities and logic in its arrangement and combination makes interior ugly. In contrast, simple, modest, but comfortable furnishings and consistent positive impression proves our thesis that the combination of beauty and comfort are very important.

Tip for those who doubt the correctness of the choice: to arrange furniture in the room, give each of the pieces of furniture available for you to “take root” in your home, get used to the lifestyle of the family. Time will tell which of them would be superfluous, and which meets the real needs of your family.

Those of us who are engaged in public life, often takes guests in your home, it can reasonably get for your living room furniture is elegant, seeking to create it celebratory, perhaps even a little theatrical setting.

Repairs are often afoot because we want to change something in the form, the mood at home, in the interior of one or several rooms, get rid of annoying wallpaper, curtains, etc. In this situation, with respect and consideration should be taken to the part of the furniture (furniture, rugs, lamps, paintings), which we already possess.

In fact, boredom or irritation we are not on the furniture or paintings, and in general on the interior, which for a long time does not change anything, we are used to such an extent that no longer perceive the artistic or practical value of some of its elements. It should rearrange the furniture in the same room or from one room to another, to move pictures, add fresh flowers to brighten artificial or natural light, that is to break the usual order of things and create a new composition, how to change the character of the interior, and our spirits.

Ideal furniture meets the functional standards, comfortable, easy to use, concise different forms, rational design, noble and elegant (due tactful choice proportions, texture, color and decor). Modern furniture fashion increasingly prefer not folding cabinet furniture, modular, rack, collapsible, providing a wide variety of combinations, and the spatial arrangement of its elements.

In small areas of urban apartments to save space and make life helps build and convertible furniture. Examples of built-in furniture can be rack mounted in a niche or building occupies part of the space area from floor to ceiling, wall to wall, and drip-board table.

Convertible furniture is designed to allow it to change the purpose and size. This type of furniture include sofa beds, armchairs, beds, retractable into the cabinet (folding, folding, is pushed), beds, retractable one from the other, secretaries – cabinets with niche, lid closed, which if necessary can be folded (support serves cabinet) and used as a work or dining table, etc.

Modern furniture is made of wood and wood products (carpentry, wood-based panels, fibreboard, plywood), metal and plastic. As a facing material used natural or synthetic veneer, laminated paper, paper laminated plastic, etc.

The design of the upholstery materials used today: as filler so as to maintain the shape of furniture – foam rubber, polyurethane, at least – horsehair, feathers, feather, coconut fiber, upholstery – natural and synthetic fabric, leather and other soft furnishings.